The name Butch Hartman might ring a few bells if you watched Nick over the years. From making a show about a young lad who has magical fairies that grant him wishes too letting the viewer explore a secret agent/spy show made up of talking animals, he has taken us on some really funny adventures. But what about when it’s time to get a bit more serious or have more action elements? The Fairly Odd Parents had moments where things get serious or action heavy but that wasn’t the main focus of the show.

A show having such a focus is unique, specifically for Nick which didn’t really have much action/superhero shows in the early 2000’s. Danny Phantom is Butch’s second television show on Nick and it lasted for three seasons. It follows the teenage boy of Danny who has the special ability to turn himself into a ghostly being. He uses this power to defend his home town from various spirits that cause havoc.

When it originally aired, it was a breath of fresh air for the network and really filled a hole that felt missing from it’s line-up of shows. But does the Phantom hold up in recent years? Or does it evaporate into a specter into the night? Lets grab our Fenton Thermos and try to catch some ghosts as we tackle the first season of this haunting show.

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Making a game is difficult as it takes time and talent to make a quality piece of software. Many studios have accomplished this over the years but one should be noted. Yacht Club Games went from a band new studio making a Kickstarter project to into one of the many faces making up indie game development this current generation. With the heroic knight embarking on various adventures across many platforms, having a cameo or two and getting new content to dig into this year…..I felt it was a good idea to discuss with the shovels behind the knight.

Sean Velasco of Yacht Club Games was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about the studio, Shovel Knight and other interesting topics. It was a great honor to speak with him and you can find out more about Yacht Club Games by visiting their official website.

Below is the full interview I had with Velasco and I hope you all enjoy! It was a lot of fun speaking with him and we at 3WIREL will continue covering everything Shovel Knight as further information comes out.

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Update: This title has a Nintendo Switch release, outside weaker graphics due to weaker hardware, the review for the most part applies to this version as well.

Update: This titles release list includes: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.

Skylanders has been around for quite a few entries now, bringing with it dashing colorful worlds with characters filled with personality, and a controversial figure-dlc system that encourages teens and parents to grab as many toys as possible to experience all the variety in gameplay the series has to offer. It’s also one of Activision’s defining franchises, with a run time toward 5 years, and one of the most consistent franchises out in gaming today.

Skylanders Imaginators, the latest in the franchise, brings familiarity mixed in with new tricks, and a very special guest character who’ve no one has seen playable in a video game since 2010 (2011 internationally outside the U.S.) and that character is Crash Bandicoot. A franchise many have been asking to return to the video game scene. Which is why I parodied the title of this review to be similar to the first Skylanders entry: “Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure”


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We’ll follow up with an article later on this week (hopefully)…

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During its South By Southwest panel last night, Sega revealed the name for its upcoming mainline entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as Sonic Forces. The reveal was followed by a quick teaser clip showing some gameplay featuring Modern Sonic running through a European-style city as destruction rains down from above. We had a chance to see a longer version of this stage.

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Sonic Mania is getting delayed into Summer 2017 so that the team can have more time to polish the game, add more zones and create a great experience. To tide fans over however, a new zone was announced for the game, or rather a returning zone from a Classic Sonic game.

Flying Battery from Sonic & Knuckles is being re-mastered for Sonic Mania and it looks quite strong. Lots of fun level gimmicks and expansions on original level are present, with a great remix of the track sounding great as well. With summer likely meaning June or July for this title’s release, we will likely learn about more stage coming to the game within the coming months, so stay tuned for further information.

Sonic Forces aka Sonic Project 2017 was officially shown off at a recent Sonic event. Lots of details and information was released, so we will be breaking it down.

First is the gameplay trailer, showing off how Modern Sonic plays in the game. He mirrors the Generations/Unleashed gameplay style heavily and the level shown off presented the blue blur speeding along at high speed. Level design doesn’t look that impressive at first glance but this is likely the very first zone, so it’s easing the player along until more complex level designs open up. Generations comes to mind, as while Green Hill Modern was very linear, the other Modern Stages were far more open. Also helps that the level shown off seems to span miles upon miles, larger then any other Sonic level shown thus far.

The wisps are back too, as Sonic is seen collecting white wisps before boosting, implying that boost is tied to the creatures like in Sonic Colors. Maybe other wisps will return and we will likely know more in the future. Sonic is the only one playable, as both his Modern and Classic incarnations will be featured in the game. A third play style is happening but no information on that has released. It’s speculated that a new character or ‘Boom’ Sonic could be the third style but that is just guessing on my part. 

Graphics and effects are another factor to consider as well, as it fantastic. Slash effects when Sonic races across puddles, explosions colliding with the landscape and lots of visual information in the background present a large-scale battle while you race through the stage. Story was detailed as well, with the game taking place in a time where Eggman has won. Sonic and friends are working together to put down Eggman for good, with radio chatter (not unlike in Sonic Heroes) playing in levels as Sonic runs through them. So the plot will be major in this title unlike past Sonic games.

Music is impressive, with a main theme (demo version) being released and the music playing in the gameplay clip sounding distinctly Sonic. The main theme is clever too, blending classic and modern sounds perfectly together, closing with a beautiful piano piece at the end of the track. Vocal themes are going to be added in and Crush 40 will be working on the song. 

Overall, the game looks promising and we will likely learn more in the coming months during events like E3 2017 and within Sonic-themed events. Stay tuned for further information and gameplay.

Check out a first look at Act 2 of Sonic Mania’s remixed Green Hill Zone.

The remake to the SEGA Master system classic will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with the PC version coming at a later date

This is coming out a lot sooner than I expected. Wonder Boy is one of my most anticipated games of the year solely because of the visuals and music alone. There’s a lot of love being put into this remastered and I’m definitely going to buy it as soon as I can. I mean just look at how great this game looks

There was some doubt about the sales of Bomberman on the Switch since Zelda: Breath of the Wild dominated the opening sales when the Nintendo Switch got released in Japan. Fret no more as we now have reports from Media Create that Super Bomberman R has the best opening week in the franchise by a total of 36,623 total units sold since March 3rd 2017, in comparison to the previous record of Bomberman’s (Party Edition) PS1 debut of 34,945 total units in Japan, but staying second to Bomberman’s World on the PS1 by 76,801 total units. It’s currently placed at Number 6 for the highest Software bestsellers opening week in Japan.

Source(s): Media Create (via NeoGAF) – Gematsu

Disney has officially announced that the highly anticipated sequel to the hit film “Wreck It Ralph” is coming out exactly 1 year from today

I loved the first one and is one of my favorite Disney movies. I hope that the sequel will have more video game references than the first one. I’m also interested in what the plot is about since all we know is that Ralph wreck’s the internet.