Are you all ready for your weekly Vita news? Because Kyle (@teflontactics) produced a new episode of the weekly Vita news update series, Vitality. This covers the releases and news for this week (September 23rd) and its a nice round-up of the latest Vita announcements.


This 3D adventure game is leaping from the PSP & PC too the Nintendo 3DS later this year and the CEO of Mastiff shared some information on the project.

When asked about what factors Mastiff keeps in mind when localizing a game, Schwartz had this to say:

It was a really big project, with issues that you constantly have to kind of deal with. There’s a character who’s always locked in a cage, and says nothing, while there’s another character that translates for him. We had to come up with our own mistranslations for him to reflect the poor translations the character does, whether it was phrases or weird sounds.

There’s a monster dancing near his boombox near the beginning, and as the hero takes off, he says “I’ll support you with my dancing”, while in Japanese it was more or less just “do your best”, in a kind of vanilla way that isn’t too enthusiastic or passionate. So we couldn’t just use “do your best”, since that was too excited and supportive. So since he could have meant it or not, and he was dancing, we used “I’ll support you with my dancing”, which is true to the original meaning, but different in literal terms.

Answering a question about whether or not the limitations of the 3DS created any major challenges that the team had to overcome, Schwartz said:

The devil’s in the details. Everything falls into two buckets: controls and optimization. We tweaked it a bit and added a camera control and a better help system, but a game is a game. We spent a long time figuring out what to do with the lower screen, but it was really all about optimization. We could have just put it all in as-is so it ran at 20fps and was just “okay”, but I’m really proud of what we did. You have to make sure anything that’s graphically unnecessary has to be trimmed a bit, so polygons that aren’t seen on camera don’t need to be there unless they’re seen. We were really focused on putting this fantastic game out there, and we did it, and again, I’m proud of how solid it is.

You can find the full interview at the source link but its great hearing this game being talked about, as its an underrated gem on the PSP and got some new life with its PC release.

Source: Monstervine & Nintendo Everything


As Kotaku puts it: “Since developers Intelligent Systems are too busy these days on Fire Emblem(and other stuff) to make any more of their brilliant Advance Wars games, a team of Japanese developers have decided to do their work for them, announcing a new PC title that is Advance Wars in everything but name.”

This project from AREA 34 is an effort to make a new Advance Wars styled game and you can see the trailer of the game below.

TINY METAL is being developed for Windows and we are planning to distribute on STEAM. As a stretch goal, we hope to provide Mac and Linux support. – Scheduled to be released for June 2017.

You can find a link to the Kickstarter here and you can even play a prototype build of the game (download link on the Kickstater page). Will share some information on the game below.

Sources: Kotaku

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Pokemon has a few games that didn’t get out of Japan and the second Pokemon Card Game title is one of them. This video is quite interesting, as it offers some insight on the game itself and an idea as to why it was never localized.


Games based on cartoons are nothing new but not unlike some of the quality platformers during 16-Bit Era of gaming and the PS1/N64 Era, the GameCube era of gaming had some solid platformers with cartoon icons.

SpongeBob is one of them with Heavy Iron’s titles in the SpongeBob series being damn solid collect-a-ton platformers. Did You Know Gaming released a video showing some history about the games all the while covering other SpongeBob games released during that era.

This upcoming 2D Action/RPG is releasing for the PS4 soon and on the PS Vita in November. The game shows a lot of promise, with enjoyable action combat alongside some fantastic sprite work making the world feel alive. Music is also based on rock/metal and that is a musical genre I really enjoy.

Slain Back from Hell features brutal arcade style combat with bloody, intense platformer gameplay that puts a strategic twist on the classic hack-and-slash games of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Review code provided to us by the PR company behind the game.

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Nintendo Life posted this video of Color Splash and it shows Mario running away from a interesting set-piece.