The Last Guardian has been in development for years, and many fans of Team Ico’s previous works, ICO (PS2, 2001) and Shadow of The Colossus (PS2, 2005), have been anticipating the best game from the studio yet. The goal of the creators is clearly to tell a story through interactivity instead of directly through writing or speech. The goal is to tell the story visually and through the input of the player, an interesting idea that is usually omitted from other works in the video game industry. However to accomplish this, the gameplay would have to contain a minimal quality so to keep the player engrossed in the mechanics and immersed in the world. Let us break down the game and why this adventure either succeeds or fails in its intended goal


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When you watch an animated series, one wonders what goes into the production; how do you make these characters on screen animate or interact with one another, even hearing their voices is interesting with you thinking ‘How does one voice this character?’ I have watched many animated productions over the years on both television and in movies, but animated series on the internet are quite interesting.

They can take a lot of time to get completed but they are enjoyable, offer quality action and story, and characters you can never forget. Chris, known as Kirbopher, is the creator of the animated series ‘T.O.M.E.’ in addition to working on numerous other projects. Today, I am honored to have an interview with him and have him answer a number of questions I have about his series and more.

This interview answers a lot of questions, such as past voice acting roles Chris was involved in, his work on the T.O.M.E series and more. I hope you all enjoy this interview!

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Final Fantasy XV has a very interesting history behind it, an it may be one of the most important games Square Enix will release given what this game may or may not do for their biggest franchise and the company as as whole on the Japanese side of its production studios. To explain this I’ll go briefly over a bit of history to make sure the readers understand why this is by.


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The modding community offers a lot of high quality content on PC’s but the modding on consoles is quite interesting. It is not as common but when they are done well, they are high quality expansions on already great titles. Super Smash Brothers is famous for this with Project M and many other mods that have released on both Brawl & Smash Wii U.

With me today I have one such modder by the name of Nano. He answers a few of my questions and I hope you enjoy this interview!

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Nintendo announced that they would be bringing Super Mario Run to the Jimmy Fallon show…..but they surprised everyone by also bringing (what I assume is) the final retail version of the Switch. Breath of the Wild was running on both the TV and on the Switch (in portable mode) during the event. This was the very first time we saw not only Zelda running on the system, but games being playable in real-time on the system in portable mode.

Zelda looks to run just as well compared to when it is docked on the Switch System Holder.

Sony had a very special part during the PSX 2016 event I would be remiss to talk about it. It covers making games accessible to all gamers and as someone working toward becoming a special education teacher, I highly respect developers that work toward accomplishing this goal of making games playable to all.

Accessibility features help empower all gamers—not just those with disabilities—and we want to set an industry standard of inclusion. We’ve brought together some of the top minds from the accessibility community, PlayStation and Naughty Dog to discuss best practices for game developers and to share powerful stories about the broader impact of accessibility features in games.

A really charming Live Action trailer of The Last Guardian released in the UK and EU regions most recently.

Video games are a lot of fun. They can offer great moments and can make one laugh. But when a simple game is produced with the sole purpose of making one laugh and smile but doesn’t have much ‘core’ gameplay to it, how does it hold up? Can the title be enjoyed despite it not offering that much?

My Name is Mayo is an example of this type of game and today, I will be briefly write about if you should get this title or not. I cannot fairly review this game, as there really isn’t that much to it (no story and limited lasting appeal), so I hope this impressions post will help people decide if they should get the game or not.

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This is a very interesting story. GameXplain reported on a rumor released that stated Star Fox was going to duke out on Land and Space in a Star Fox Warriors after the success of Hyrule Warriors. It would mix melee and space combat, but Nintendo turned it down. They stated it was for a ‘unknown future’ for the Star Fox series, likely seeing the failed sales of Star Fox Zero as a indication people don’t want Star Fox. Tecmo-Koei is still open to making another Warriors game using Nintendo IP, so at least we might see a Hyrule Warriors 2 or something else in the future.

Let’s Play Video Games is reporting that a Star Fox themed Warriors game was proposed by Koei Tecmo to Nintendo, but was ultimately turned down.
SOURCE: http://letsplayvideogames.com/2016/12…

Many know the story behind how Wind Waker was going to get a sequel on consoles but after backlash to the art style, Nintendo re-worked the project into Twilight Princess. But it was more then that apparently.

A new interview in the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts artbook has revealed that Nintendo originally planned to create a direct sequel to The Wind Waker! Get the details on why these plans changed!

SOURCE: https://www.gamnesia.com/news/nintend…)


Remember when we reported on how Studio Japan and Sony is making up for the delay on Gravity Rush 2 with free DLC post-launch? Well that DLC was announced at the PSX 2016. The character of Raven will be playable after high fan demand and will be playable in her own single player campaign through a DLC pack, which will be free. It tells an original story and it will be something I hope many enjoy.

It will see release in March 2017 and we will report more on this DLC content and Gravity Rush 2 itself closer to it’s release.