I am proud to announce that we have an official Discord server for all of you to come and chat/hang with us together and optionally, use our general voice channel as a way to orally discuss things about gaming, technology, and entertainment in general.

Over the coming months, if the initiative is successful, we will be expanding and improving the channel alongside the website, and we would love to see you have fun and chat with us on daily/weekly basis on Discord!

Come join us @ Discord via this link..


Provided generously by AAMARMO on NeoGAF

Livestream links (Mostly on Twitch – Alternatives by dex3108):

Sunday: EA – Bethesda

Monday: Microsoft (Xbox One + Xbox.com) – PC Gaming Show – Ubisoft – Sony

Tuesday: Nintendo’s Treehouse

Gameinformer’s Mike Futter notes that Nintendo will not be holding a keynote or Direct presentation. Their E3 is dedicated to the new upcoming Zelda on Wii U and NX at Nintendo Treehouse, though other things are getting announced or shown as well.

Source: NeoGAF – Gameinformer

Watch Sneak Peek Gameplay via this link (Twitch)

Expressing the beauty of gaming, doesn’t stop at gaming itself, it goes beyond that.

Dan’s video, briefly tells the viewer, how the internet and technology helped shape video games as to what they are today, and even with the complications of some issues today, unlike so many other medias, gaming shines beautifully in the face of old-age mediums, like filmography, theatrical performances, music industry, and so on.

Source: Dan Rossner


Come visit and see our previous post about the future of 3WIREL!

We will start posting gaming and other entertainment news soon (hopefully).


Well, hello there, readers and members,
I have some things to tell you, as I promised, the next major update and redesign for 3WIREL! is on the horizon, and I want to make sure that more people could get involved and slowly transform it into the next level of media entertainment and community discussion!

I am sorry that this is taking quite long, but be patient, this is a long-term plan for the future of 3WIREL!, its been in the plans for few years, and now I am taking upon it for the first time since the move from Weebly to WP.
Here is 2 lists to note:

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For security purposes:
Old rating and points system has been removed, sooner or later, we are going to replace the points system with a new achievements/points system, much more clean and up-to-date as well.

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