The Mario & Sonic franchises are not strangers to fan productions, which can be very impressive. From the very lively Sonic community that produces some impressive fan game projects too full on animated shorts online based on the Mario series, both get a lot of love and support from active fan bases.

Today, I am honored to talk about an upcoming project from the Sonic Community, Mario & Sonic: Rise of Kyson. This will be a sprite-based animated series created by Alen Alic and his large team. He has taken sometime to talk with me about this promising project and you can read my interview with him below.

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Many wanted to play the other Kingdom Hearts games on their PS4’s since the launch of 2.5 HD Remix but now, you can. Square Enix announced that both Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD & Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 in 2017. This will include 60FPS gameplay as well, adding more control and fluidity to the game’s combat systems.

Games included in this release include the following.

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 358 Days/2 (Movie)
  • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (Movie)

KH1.5 and 2.5 coming to PS4 in 2017 in 60fps.
US release date is March 28, Europe is March 31 and Japanese date is March 9.

Source: NeoGaf via Kingdom Hearts Insider

Persona 5 is launching in February 2017 and with the recent announcement of the English voice casting for the title, ATLUS & SEGA are highlighting each VA that is appearing in the game. In the above video, you can see Ann using her English VA in-game and I think it fits well enough.

Below you can see an interview ATLUS had with the her English Voice Actor, Erika Harlacher.

Source: ATLUS/SEGA Press Release


I recently reported on a new Pokemon Sun & Moon trailer that released today but it covered a lot of information. New evolution’s, post game content and more were shown off. NeoGaf has a post that covers a lot of details including Pokemon Pokedex listings and more, so will be giving a link to that post here. 

I will list the information about one of my favorite starter Pokemon announced for Sun & Moon though, as he looks really interesting.

This Pokémon is able to move about while completely masking its presence from others. Once an opponent has lost sight of it, Decidueye seizes the chance to attack it unawares. In a tenth of a second, Decidueye plucks an arrow quill from within its wing and sends its hurtling toward its target. Its speed is astonishing, but not more so than its precise aim, which enables the arrow quill to pierce a target through and through from half a mile or more away! Decidueye usually acts very cool, but it can become terribly flustered in unexpected situations like a surprise attack. A skilled Decidueye can boast acrobatic curved shots. It seems some are also able to shoot arrows that reach up through the sky, only to come drilling down from above, piercing multiple targets one after another. Spirit Shackle is a Ghost-type physical move that only Decidueye can learn. An opponent hit with this move will become unable to flee from battle or switch out for an ally.

We’re proud to announce that Asdivine Hearts, the first Kemco RPG on PlayStation, will hit PlayStation Store this winter on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita at the same time! Asdivine Hearts is a fantasy RPG where you travel a vast world with four companions to find out what is threatening the peace of Asdivine.

We know that many users request cross buy support. Well, we’re also happy to announce that the game will support cross buy on all platforms! So if you get the game on PS4 or PS3 for your home, for example, you can enjoy the fantastic world of Asdivine while you’re on the train with your PS Vita as well!

Source: PlayStation Blog


GameXplain reported on the latest news regarding Nintendo’s Mobile news! It includes information about the launch of Super Mario Run and plans for a big update on Miitomo.


Square Enix announced that the Keyblade wielder himself, Sora, will be joining the Final Fantasy crew in World of Final Fantasy early next year as a DLC character.

SQUARE ENIX® today announced that Sora, the beloved star of the KINGDOM HEARTS series, has been given an adorable WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY™ makeover, and will be available as free downloadable content for the game this winter.

Commemorating the release of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue early next year, Sora will be available for download for a limited time only, appearing in his KINGDOM HEARTS Dream Drop Distance HD outfit. Further information on how to obtain the Sora champion summon will follow at a later date.

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY is now available for the PlayStation®4 system for $59.99 and the PlayStation®Vita system for $39.99. The Day One edition includes extra digital content, including an exclusive Sephiroth summon and the Japanese voice-over option add-on.

Source: NeoGaf

Miles Tails Prower closes off this trio of gameplay footage Polygon captured from Sonic Mania recently. It is of Tails exploring Studiopolis and through using his ability to fly, the player in the video explores a lot of the stage and sees new paths we did not see prior.

Really love Tails’ animations here, as his flying animation is smoother compared to the Genesis Era one and little touches stand out.

Expect 3WIREL to report and cover on further Sonic Mania footage information releases.

Knuckles is joining Sonic & Tails on a new adventure with Sonic Mania. Similar to Sonic, he sports updated animations and new sprite work that looks fantastic. He can still glide and climb up walls like in the Classic games but cannot use the Drop Dash (move exclusive to Sonic) or Elemental Shield abilities (Sonic-only ability).

Polygon was able to spend sometime with Sonic Mania and publish some gameplay footage of the game’s Mirage Saloon zone. It shows off a confirmed feature from the classic games coming back; Sonic & Tails mode will be usable in Mania.